Month: April 2018

How to Make the Perfect Pizza Sauce – Recipe

Making the perfect tomato sauce for your homemade pizza is extremely easy and will taste better than anything that comes out of a jar. Once you make your first batch and taste it on a pizza fresh from the oven, you won’t accept anything less. The secret to a bright sauce that compliments the fatty cheese and lightly fermented dough is not cooking it. When you cook tomatoes they lose their natural acidity and that acidity is what provides a counterpoint to the richness of a pizza. Buy high quality canned tomatoes, season them with garlic and olive oil,...

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How to Make Basic Pizza Dough – Cold Fermented

Mastering the art of making dough is the key to great pizza. A pizza is 90% dough so it stands to reason that its quality is of the utmost importance. It is the base on which you will build all your flavor. When making dough with active yeast, you’re dealing with something that is very much alive. The yeast eats sugars in the dough and releases both carbon dioxide gas and a variety of compounds that produce flavor. Like in bread making, the C02 acts as a leavening agent to give your finished pizza a fluffy texture while the...

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Best Baking Steels for Making Pizza at Home

For years the pizza stone was king, but steel is quickly becoming the preferred surface for cooking pizza at home, and for good reason. For perfectly crispy crust and a nice airy crumb, nothing beats steel. While home ovens typically top out at 500 – 550 degrees, steel has a secret weapon. It’s advantage comes from the thermal conductivity and thermal capacity of the material. Steel’s Advantage: Thermal Conductivity Steel is an excellent conductor of heat, which means that after it’s brought up to temperature in your oven, it can transfer the stored heat to other objects extremely quickly,...

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